A Dynamic View Into Our Surveillant Society

by Matt Ball on July 13, 2011

Feeling Software is demonstrating a dynamic geospatial visualization platform called Omnipresence 3D at the Esri International User Conference. The dynamic viewer integrates video camera views, vehicle locations, GPS bracelets, police and fie locations, sensors, integrated systems, and GIS and other data into a 3D living map. The dynamic map even displays interior details, and can accommodate indoor tracking as well as indoor security control such as locking or opening specific doors.

The direct connection with Esri’s ArcGIS eliminates duplication among various platforms, and provides a really compelling central visualization of real-time information. The integrated and scalable platform can scale broadly, and seems well poised to fit the plans of cities that are accelerating their deployment of security cameras.

While it feels rather creepy to have such a powerful view into the inner workings of a city, it’s hard to deny the sense of security that such an application affords. Omnipresence is a fitting word for the power of this technology, and as we swiftly move toward a more surveillant society, I’m sure this type of platform will become the norm both for everyday security management in cities and campuses as well as emergency response scenarios where a coordinated response requires a detailed understanding of the common operating picture.

Below is a short video to give you a sense of the capabilities.

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