A Post-American World?

by Matt Ball on May 11, 2008

The cover story in this week’s Newsweek magazine contains a lengthy excerpt from the new book by Fareek Zakaria titled, The Post-American World. The book suggests not just the decline of America on the global stage, but also the rise of others, most importantly India and China.

The book balances the challenges that face us in this new world as well as America’s strengths that will help us forge a new role. I found the article to be interesting and intelligent, and not very alarmist. There is great change happening right now at a fast pace, and it’s helpful to explore the issues that this book addresses.

There’s an excellent book review in the New York Times that walks through the arguments that Zakaria makes and debunks many of them. Taken together, the Newsweek feature and the book review, give us a good grounding in some of the challenges to come.

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