A State-Driven NSDI Approach Employs Open Source Software

by Matt Ball on May 17, 2011

Spatial Data Infrastructure Northwest (SDI-Now) is a grass roots initiative by the City of Springfield and NASA Ames Research Center that is working on spatial data management tools to service government agencies and the private sector. SDI-Now is working with NASA’s World Wind in an effort to use open source technologies and shared services in order to engage a broader user community.

“As local budgets and staffing decline, and local agencies struggle to sustain high levels of service, reliance on collaborative partners becomes increasingly necessary. External partners such as the private, non-profit and academic sectors acquire, analyze, prepare and share much information with local governments. By providing an open platform for spatial data, the viability for external partners to provide competitive solutions dramatically increases.”

Learn more about the SDI-Now approach in this feature in V1 Magazine.

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