Augmented Reality Alters People’s Perceptions

by Matt Ball on February 6, 2012

The BBC have done a nice job of summarizing the possibilities, and future potential, for augmented reality in this video. The piece highlights the 110 Stories application that places a silhouetted image of the Twin Towers at the right height, in the right orientation into your smart phone, allowing you to take and share a photo. Also outlined is an whimsical future application where an augmented animal called a subwomp comes out of the environment in a subway station and begins to explore and interact.

The tone of the piece is about the exciting future ahead, and how quickly the market will be realized. While the interactive application described above isn’t possible with today’s handheld technology, the video participants indicate that it’s only a few years away.

Central to all the speculation about the market for these technologies is how they will dramatically improve interactions and aid our efficiency in the real world. Including the benefits of an altered perception, that informs as well as entertains.



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