Autodesk Zeros in on Infrastructure Modeling

by Matt Ball on December 3, 2008

Lisa Campbell, VP, Geospatial, for Autodesk introduced a new term this morning that will guide the vision for her division. Infrastructure modeling encompasses the vision of engineering-grade models for large geographies that facilitates visualization, simulation and analysis that’s much more than the “empty images of Google.”

The primary markets for Autodesk geospatial solutions are telecommunications, government and utilities that are familiar with CAD and want CAD-based GIS tools. Campbell outlined the three critical strengths of her division as:
-    Design – infrastructure is designed, and we suffer when there’s poor design
-    Numbers – 9 million users around the world, and 2 million new people trained every year. There are also 4,500 partners.
-    Open data access – There are still silos between teams and many barriers to collaboration. Autodesk’s FDO technology allows native access to all the different file formats.

The acquisition of 3D Geo GmbH, the creators of LandXplorer technology, in September provides a very valuable tool to implement the infrastructure modeling vision. With tools to display and navigate utility infrastructure, parcels, engineering data and mechanical information.

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