Cal-Adapt Communicates Climate Change Issues for California

by Matt Ball on March 22, 2012

Cal-Adapt is a data clearinghouse and visualization portal that consolidates details related to climate change and impacts for the state of California, bringing global issues down to the local level. The website provides details to the general public, to local planners, and to researchers (with access to raw data). The site includes more than 150 peer-reviewed papers, data, four modeled scenarios, charts and map visualizations.

Kevin Koy, from the Geospatial Innovation Facility at the College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley, gave a presentation on Cal-Adapt at the ASPRS Conference in Sacramento this week. A review of the site included a tour of site features, with models for low emissions and high emissions, and animations to illustrate temperature averages for both the past and projections into the future.

The Extreme Heat tool provides daily temperature values, and indicates the number of days that exceed daily and evening heat records. The evening highs are projected to rise more quickly than daily highs, which has broad implications for energy use, with people running air conditioners longer.

The site is a project of the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program. There is an ongoing effort to expand the features and data sets. Among the list of features coming soon are a visualization of the certainty of data, boundaries on the map for counties and other geographies, and a larger map interface that will allow for comparisons of data models.

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