California Visualizes Climate Change Adaptation

by Matt Ball on December 4, 2009

Yesterday, California Governor Arnold Schawrzenegger unveiled a Google Earth visualization of climate change adaptation for the state. The effort is part of the state’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, which is detailed on the California Climate Change Portal. The video tour below provides an overview of the challenges the state faces, with map-based visualizations of spatial analysis throughout to show statewide impacts.

The California Energy Commission is working on a detailed CalAdapt website to pull together more detailed scenarios that the different regions and municipalities in the state might face due to climate change. According to the state’s adaptation strategy, the intent is to post these details on a new CalAdapt website prior to September 2010.

The state’s proactive approach, and the Governor’s outspoken urge to take this topic seriously, has made both the state and the Governor international figures in the ongoing dialogue. Governor Schwarzenneger is expected to attend and address the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

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