Chinese Company Looks at Navigation as a Platform

by Matt Ball on August 22, 2011

UniStrong, the market leader in navigation devices in China, is poised to prosper at the country’s navigation industry matures, and as the country’s Compass navigation satellite constellation takes shape. UniStrong holds 40 percent of the market for automobile navigation systems in what is projected to be a 100 billion yuan ($15.6 billion) market over the next five years.

Instead of focusing entirely on devices, the company’s founder and chairman Guo Xinping envisions an open-ended navigation service platform that he likens to the Apple Store. With a cloud computing platform to deliver navigation¬† updates, he believes the company can profit by providing the country’s location services platform. Guo has even discussed the release of source code that will allow developers to create applications upon this platform.

With the developed world seeing saturation in the navigation industry, and with navigation increasingly being delivered via smart phones, it’s good to see a geographic information service provider take lessons learned to leverage their position above other device makers and telecommunications providers. While Gui acknowledges that the providers are his stiffest competition, he asserts that his company will win out because they are more professional and more focused on the issues around the location service market.

Read more about UniStrong in this feature in China Daily.

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