CO2GO App Tracks Personal Carbon Usage

by Matt Ball on February 13, 2012

CO2GO, the latest application from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, automatically detects whether its owner is traveling by rail, car or bus and calculates the emissions. They say the technology will also turn citizens into walking sensors, collecting detailed information about how people use cities.

Today, more than a third of global CO2 emissions are generated by transportation. CO2GO, a new type of smartphone application, is an effective tool that assists in making smarter individual transportation choices to collectively reduce carbon emissions in cities.
Making sophisticated use of the sensors contained in a standard smartphone (accelerometer, GPS, …) carried in your pocket, CO2GO deploys an unprecedented algorithm to calculate in real-time the carbon emissions while on the move. It does so by automatically detecting your mode of transportation (walking, biking, train, car, bus, subway,…) while tracking the distance covered.

The application is currently under development, with plans to make it available for download by the summer.

View the following video for an outline of the application.

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