Coalition Urges Forest Protection as Part of Climate Legislation

by Matt Ball on May 21, 2009

A coalition of energy companies, corporations, scientists, research institutions, and environmental groups have banded together to urge that global deforestation be addressed as part of pending climate legislation. While the focus of this effort is largely on international forests in developing nations, the aim is to encourage forest countries to adopt better management practices in order to abate emissions, protect critical ecosystems, and conserve global biodiversity.

This coalition is a comfortable one for both industry and environmentalists, because it would lock in a lower-cost means for companies to comply with carbon caps while providing funds for forest conservation. The measure also addresses climate change as the destruction of tropical forest accounts for roughly 20 percent of annual emissions.

The coalition includes American Electric Power, Conservation International, Duke Energy, Environmental Defense Fund, El Paso Corporation, National Wildlife Federation, Marriott International, Mercy Corps, Natural Resources Defense Council, PG&E Corporation, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Union of Concerned Scientists, The Walt Disney Company, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Woods Hole Research Center.

Read the Consensu Principles on International Forests for U.S. Climate Legislation here [PDF].

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