Dismissed Geomatics Researchers Linked to a Poor Economic Decision

by Matt Ball on December 8, 2011

Three researchers in the Applied Geomatics Research Group at Nova Scotia Community College were dismissed this week in favor of expanded research in other areas, including sustainable energy and the development of technology to assist aging populations. There’s an outcry in the local paper that pins this as a poor decision that will hurt the college and the local economy.

Those that were let go are Bob Maher, senior scientist, Chris Hopkinson, a lidar and remote sensing authority, and Jeff Wentzell a project manager. The three have been very activeĀ  in research and curriculum development, with international reputations that have helped campus recruiting.

While the whole department hasn’t been cut, the article indicates that the loss will have repercussions. Given their industry connections, the three will likely find meaningful employment soon, and if you have work for highly-qualified researchers these three might be a good starting point.

It’s unfortunate that this educational system choose to bet on emerging technologies rather than critical measurement and monitoring research, but heartening to see the work of geomatics professionals tied to the performance of the local economy.

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