Energy Use Data for all of New York City Released in Map Form

by Matt Ball on February 2, 2012

A detailed map of block-by-block energy use has been created by the Columbia University Engineering School with data from the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability. The interactive map demonstrates the energy used to heat and cool buildings, which accounts for two-thirds of the energy used in the city.

The research built a statistical model with Zip Code level energy consumption data to estimate the annual energy use for ever tax lot through all five boroughs of the city. The energy use was then broken down for what it was being used for from heating, cooling, water heating and general electric applications such as lighting. The estimates for annual energy use and energy intensity for every tax lot, approaches building level detail.

With this data, the team hopes to inform the public as well as policy makers to understand building energy use issues in order to spur energy conservation measures. With details on energy distribution systems, they are also busy analyzing where renewable energy approaches such as photovoltaic and solar thermal can have the greatest impact.

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