Free Android App Adds Collision Avoidance

by Matt Ball on November 1, 2011

iOnRoad is a free Android phone application that adds a suite of in-car features, including an augmented reality app for collision avoidance. The collision detection app uses the phone’s camera to detect distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and issues warnings when you get too close.

The customizable on-screen menu provides connections to your phone, navigation and music. The application can run in the background and just provide alerts, and it can record your driving habits, to help improve safety and alertness. There’s also an single-touch button on the screen to take a snapshot of traffic conditions or bad driver behavior.

Not surprisingly, the iOnRoad application was winner of Best Startup at the 2011 Mobile Summit. I know one teen driver that will be required to use this.

Via TheNextWeb.

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