Geospatial Centre for Biodiversity in the Works for Bolivia

by Matt Ball on February 16, 2012

A new Geospatial Centre for Biodiversity is being developed in Bolivia to “collect, assimilate, synthesize, distribute, and disseminate spatially explicit information and scientifically robust biodiversity knowledge to students, policy-makers, and the public to promote the sustainable management of Bolivia’s biodiversity as natural capital.” The new centre is being developed by Cranfield University alongside the Noel Kempff Mercado Museum of Natural History in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

With this information Bolivia hopes to protect their species diversity against the pressures of climate change and population. The project will mainly collect the wealth of information of plant and animal life, and digitize that into a Web-based platform open to Bolivia and the world.

The Geospatial Centre for Biodiversity project was officially launched on 18th October 2011, and will continue for two years with funding from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation through the Museum of Natural History “Noel Kempff Mercado” in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Visit Cranfield’s Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures for more information.

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