Global Climate Seesaw

by Matt Ball on March 16, 2008

NOAA has just reported that this winter was the coolest for the U.S. and the globe since 2001, and the 10th coolest since recorded history. This is in direct contrast to 2007, which was the tenth warmest year for the U.S. and fifth warmest worldwide.

There’s a continued fascination with the global average due to the continued evidence of global warming. As I’ve reported earlier, this cool trend has many claiming that the threat is over, but to the contrary, scientists have predicted a global seesaw of weather patterns as part of global warming.

Interestingly, NOAA had previously predicted that this winter would be one of the warmest. The surprise of this year’s patterns points to the difficulty of determining global change, and reinforces the need for more monitoring technologies and more sophisticated models.

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