Global World Conservation Monitoring Data Becomes Open

by Matt Ball on September 17, 2011

The UN Environmental Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP WCMC), with the mission of sourcing, collating and verifying information on biodiversity and ecosystems, have released 16 of their global environmental legacy datasets. These datasets have all been inputs to there many world atlases, including the World Atlas of Biodiversity, The World’s Protected Areas, The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests, the World Mangrove Atlas, and the World Atlas of Seagrasses.

The datasets include:

  • Marine Turtle Nesting Sites (1999)
  • Marine Turtle Feeding Sites (1999)
  • Global Wilderness (1998)
  • Mountains and Forests in Mountains (2000)
  • Mountains and Tree Cover in Mountain Regions (2002)
  • Centres of Plant Diversity (1995)
  • Generalised Original and Current Forest (1998)
  • Bailey’s Ecoregions of the World (1989)
  • Global Distribution of Coral Reefs (2010)
  • Global Distribution of Coral Reefs 1Km data (2003)
  • Global Distribution of Seagrasses-Polygons Dataset (2005)
  • Global Distribution of Seagrasses-Points Dataset (2005)
  • Mangroves of West and Central Africa (2007)
  • Mangroves of East Africa (2003)
  • Global Distribution of Mangroves (1997)

Visit here for free download, with some data license restrictions.

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