i-Crop Helps UK Farmers Improve Irrigation

by Matt Ball on October 31, 2011

PepsiCo has teamed with farmers and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom to devise a sensor and web-based monitoring tool to help farmers reduce the water they use for irrigation. The i-crop technology aggregates data from farming activity, soil moisture probes and local weather stations, which farmers can access online. Based on this data, farmers can better determine when to irrigate and how much water to use, cutting down on waste and carbon emissions.

The application is now being applied in 20 test farms, and is part of an ambitious plan by Pepsico to reduce the water consumed in the crops they purchase as well as their carbon by 50% in five years (their 50 in 5 plan). In addition to i-crop, they have also developed The Cool Farm Tool, a carbon calculator aimed at helping farmers calculate and measure their carbon impacts, as well as help them address impacts when planning the purchase of machinery or fertiliser.

Learn more about i-crop here and view the short video below.

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