IBM Wins Intelligent Infrastructure Contracts for Water Management

by Matt Ball on March 4, 2011

This week IBM held their Pulse conference in Las Vegas to focus on intelligent infrastructure. In conjunction with the event, the company announced three cities that will be using their sensor and software combination for water system management and maintenance. The solution combines sensors with IBM’s Maximo Spatial software and Esri’s GIS software.

  • Washington, D.C. is building a pilot water and sewer management systems to analyze their infrastructure, looking at data on valves, storm drains, service vehicles, truck routes, and other data to greatly increase the efficiency of their aging infrastructure.
  • Wilmington, NC has deployed sensors in their 1,500-mile water system to improve their operation, including the automated delivery of work orders when sensors detect an incident that’s out of the ordinary
  • Waterloo, Ont. is also deploying mapping and sensors to update all the city’s water-related assets

Read more about IBM’s efforts to combine systems, sensors and mapping here.

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