Intelligent Infrastructure Start with Good Data #GITA

by Matt Ball on April 26, 2010

I acted as facilitator for the Industry Trends Analysis Group (ITAG) this morning. We had a spirited discussion on intelligent infrastructure with break-outs for electric, telecommunications, gas/pipelines, transportation, water and public sector. The idea of networked sensors informing systems and improving efficiency resonated strongly in each of these vertical markets. There are hurdles however.

At the base level is the need for better and more consistent data. Without a priority on data quality, there can’t be intelligent systems or intelligent infrastructure. Time and again, headaches over data became a central sticking point in discussions ranging from fusing sensor data with systems, to integrating various systems for better workflows.

I’m confident that there will be inroads for greater collaboration, but wonder if mandates will be necessary to achieve greater data normalization across industries. There was some sentiment from the event to form collaborative networks to achieve greater data sharing and normalization or at least to stand up more regional consortia, which has been a successful model.

I’ll report more from the intelligent infrastructure session this morning, and will be summarizing the feedback and discussions on Wednesday afternoon for those that are here at the event.

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