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by Matt Ball on November 8, 2012

Efforts and content related to the application of spatial technologies for issues of sustainability have been shifted and re-channeled to two websites as of Spring 2012.

Sensors & Systems provides details on new and existing frameworks of instrumented and interconnected networks and decision support tools to monitor and adapt to global change.

Informed Infrastructure promotes the combination of sensor inputs, simulation and modeling to tune infrastructure design/build/operation for the greatest efficiency.

Read more about the transition in the following columns:

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Steven Earl Salmony December 7, 2012 at 8:17 am

Calling sustainability journalists and advocates everywhere to investigate the ‘no man’s land’ of human population dynamics. A cascade of ecological events with unforeseen consequences is occurring around us in our planetary home. There are multiple causes. But human overpopulation of Earth is the prime factor.


Climate scientists are speaking out. Where are the population scientists? Why are they not more vocal?

The deliberate silence among population scientists with unfulfilled responsibilities to assume and duties to perform with regard to their skillful examination and careful reporting of extant research on “human population dynamics” cannot be excused by the recognition that such woefully inadequate behavior “exists in all professions”. There is much too much at stake. Scientists have to stand up and consciously speak out about what is true to them, according the ‘lights’ and scientific knowledge they possess.

Solzhenitsyn reported, “One word of truth overcomes the world.” Could it be that for the lack of one word, one word by people in possession of truth, as their lights and science indicate ‘what is’, the world and life as we know it is being destroyed before our eyes? As the sages of old said, perhaps it is time, finally, now and here to “speak the truth as if you are a million voices, for your silence is killing the world.”

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