Maplecroft’s Risk Atlas Takes on Climate Change Vulnerability

by Matt Ball on October 27, 2011

The UK-based risk analysis and mapping company Maplecroft has just released their fourth Climate Change Vulnerability Index that takes a look at climate impacts and a country’s ability to adapt. There are 193 countries profiles in the study, with a look at population concentration, development, natural resources, agricultural productivity, and conflict.

There are 30 countries classified as “extreme risk,” with a predominant amount of them in Africa and Asia. Haiti, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Madagascar are the top five at greatest risk. The study also took a look at growing cities, and placed Calcutta, Manila, Jakarta, and Addis Ababa at extreme risk.

At the subnational level, the report takes on risks to towns, cities, economic zones and individual company assets  through interactive maps. These tools chart vulnerability, exposure and sensitivity to climate change down to 25km² worldwide. For instance, extreme hotpots of vulnerability can be seen in the South West of Brazil and coastal regions of China, but both countries are rated ‘medium risk’ at the national level.


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