Maps Central to Communicating Economic Development Plans for Western Australia

by Matt Ball on February 25, 2011

The Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA) has launched the ‘Inventing the Future: Shaping WA from 2010 to 2050′ initiative in an effort to provide an ongoing platform for public discourse and policy creation. The initiative kicked off earlier this month, and a series of forums are planned throughout the year. At the center of this effort is an online mapping site developed by Esri Australia and MapData Sciences that frames the issues in context. The interactive platform maps WA’s major resource projects, current infrastructure, and population growth changes.

Strong economic growth and an acute labour shortage are underpinning the fastest increase in Western Australia’s population in decades. However, the vast majority of this population growth is centred in metropolitan Perth, already home to a disproportionate percentage of the State’s people. The ‘Inventing the Future’ event, which is expected to attract more than 300 senior representatives of the WA government and business communities, will discuss how to manage this growth and what the future opportunities are to aid in the state’s development.

The map provides an ongoing ability to view the interrelationships between the issues that the further development of Western Australia is facing.



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