Maryland Uses GIS to Map Recovery Dollars

by Matt Ball on February 28, 2009


Today, Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley launched a website powered with ESRI technology that uses GIS analysis and maps to show where the recovery money is going in his state. The program integrates with the popular StateStat, GreenPrint and BayStat sites that each have a strong mapping component. StateStat is the site that monitors state agencies, showing citizens and managers how and where the state can be more efficient. The GreenPrint mapping site deals with balancing open space with development. BayStat tracks the ecological health of the Chesapeake Bay. indicates where and how the funds from the stimulus package will be spent, including early purchases of buses for mass transit, resurfacing projects for roadways, and education funding. Maryland expects a total of $3.7 Billion from the stimulus package for health, education and transportation. The site will be updated regularly as the money is allocated.

O’Malley launched the site at a special meeting of constituents on Saturday. His forward-looking use of mapping and web technology for collaboration within government has brought great attention from the GIS community. O’Malley has appeared at both last summer’s ESRI/UC and the recent ESRI Federal User Conference. In addition, he’s scheduled to keynote the upcoming ASPRS Annual Conference in Baltimore on Wednesday, March 10.

O’Malley’s innovations received high praise from the President at the recent National Governor’s Association:

“And instead of passing the buck on accountability and efficiency, governors like Martin O’Malley and Governor Kaine, have revolutionized performance management systems, showing the American people precisely how their governments are working for them.”
- President Barack Obama, Feb. 23, 2009

O’Malley stated in the news conference that he knows of no other state that is doing anything similar yet.

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