MineRP Aims to Improve Underground Tracking in 3D

by Matt Ball on April 23, 2012

MineRP has been working to enable underground tracking for use in mines with precise real-time position in three dimensions. The tracking solution uses wireless wi-fi and RFID tracking over wireless networks, with triangulation based on signal strength aiding the position fix.

MineRP has been delivering new visual reporting functionality for mining through their SpatialDB database, that combines data and visualization capability for what has been stored in individual spreadsheets. They have combined unrelated data and helped operators to visualize different datasets around the same GIS coordinate with a tool called SpatialDash.

With the new positioning technology, that is now just a proof of concept, the company hopes to combine the visualization capability with precise positioning.

Download a PDF of the technology and proof of concept work from EE Publishers of South Africa.

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Aaron January 15, 2013 at 2:32 am

We at minesite technologies have this in place in a variety of mines both hard rock and coal we have also managed to integrate proximity both inner and outer zone and real time monitoring of cat trucks and loaders and newly developers drill rig with in our mine dash system integrated with outran mobile

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