NASA Updates Eyes on Earth Visualization Site

by Matt Ball on March 23, 2012

Eyes on Earth is an interactive visualization site for images and data from NASA’s 15 currently operating earth satellites. There are a number of new features, with timelines, an image gallery, an improved interface, and up-to-date data for sea level height and surface temperature.

The aim is a daily view view of our dynamic planet that promises interactive virtual reality. Toward that goal, the popular image of the day is now viewable in 3D (anaglyph glasses required).

Other new site features include:

  • real-time locations for each of NASA’s Earth-observing missions
  • data maps of ozone, carbon dioxide distribution and global temperature
  • perspective views of the earth from each satellite in accelerated time

The site educates and communicates NASA’s mission, as well as providing an understanding of changing climate. It’s easy to get sucked in, with a wide variety of data navigation aids, and a heightened understanding of all the forces at work upon our planet.

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