New Wireless Sensor Node Extends to Smartphones

by Matt Ball on February 26, 2012

There’s a new Wifi sensor node from Libelium¬† can collect data from distributed wirelessly connected sensors and send that data to any web server on the cloud or any smartphone. This capability extends the possibilities of the Internet of Things as it adds easy extension of sensors networks using standard protocols such as HTTP.

There are more than 50 different sensors offered that integrate with this new board, such as accelerometers with speed and direction reporting, boards with actuators to turn this on or off, temperature and humidity, and gas detection sensors. The board and sensors can be programmed over-the-air using ZigBee signals. The controlling software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

The company aims its solutions at the urban environment, with integrators acting as the implementers of their technology, although they have packaged a few solutions, including a vehicle traffic monitoring platform. There are also sensors and systems suggestions, such as wildfire monitoring, radiation reporting, and agriculture applications such as tracking livestock.

Here’s a detailed video of some of the capabilities and possibilities.

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