O’Reilly Emphasizes Location for Web Squared

by Matt Ball on June 30, 2009

Web Squared

Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle conducted an online webinar last week to outline the vision of Web Squared, and to promote the upcoming Fall Web 2.0 Summit. The idea for the webinar was to update the thinking on Web 2.o, and to introduce the idea of Web meets World.

The essence of successful Web applications in the Web 2.0 paradigm was that they harnessed collective intelligence. But, O’Reilly asks, “Is the Web getting more intelligent?” Now with Web Squared, the Web becomes more of a platform for collective action. The location database plays an integral part of this action, and the harnessing of location is a key ingredient to make the Web more intelligent.

O’Reilly emphasized the fact that Web applications will be driven increasingly by mobile sensors connected to cloud databases. Mobile devices, with a sophisticated sense of place, will coordinate our senses and accumulate context. The example of the recently launched Layar augmented reality application plays a big part of the future vision, where sensors drive applications. Connectivity will increasingly lead to real-time interactions, and what O’Reilly calls the “collective mind.”

You can view the full presentation, including Q&A below:

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