Remote Sensing Journal Editor Resigns Over Climate Paper

by Matt Ball on September 3, 2011

The editor of the journal Remote Sensing has resigned, admitting that a paper by U.S. scientists Roy Spencer and William Braswell that cast doubt on man-made climate change should not have been published. The paper received a great deal of exposure from climate skeptics, but was widely dismissed by mainstream scientists.

The editor Wolfgang Wagner of the Vienna University of Technology wrote a resignation letter to readers in which he condemns the publicity seeking statements of the authors and other skeptics in how they exaggerate the paper’s conclusions.

“Unfortunately, their campaign apparently was very successful as witnessed by the over 56,000 downloads of the full paper within only one month after its publication. But trying to refute all scientific insights into the global warming phenomenon just based on the comparison of one particular observational satellite data set with model predictions is strictly impossible. Aside from ignoring all the other observational data sets (such as the rapidly shrinking sea ice extent and changes in the flora and fauna) and contrasting theoretical studies, such a simpleconclusion simply cannot be drawn considering the complexity of the involved models and satellite measurements.”

Read more about the controversy and backlash in this story from the BBC.

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