Smart City Technology Testing Center Planned for New Mexico

by Matt Ball on September 7, 2011

Pegasus Global Holdings plans to build a 20 square mile smart city testing center that will resemble a mid-size American city in the New Mexico desert. The city will replicate challenges of upgrading city infrastructure, complete with urban canyons, suburban neighborhoods, and rural communities. The Center aims to address global needs of testing and prototyping in a large controlled environment, and will be supported by access fees as well as from sales of the energy, clean water, and wireless network capacity that the city generates.

“This controlled environment would permit evaluation of the positive and negative impacts of smart grid applications and integration of renewable energies for residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the economy. Additional testing opportunities would include technologies emerging in intelligent traffic systems, next-generation wireless networks, smart grid cyber security and terrorism vulnerability.”

Read more about this planned center in this press release.

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