Sustainia Communicates the Future Through a Virtual Sustainable World

by Matt Ball on March 8, 2012

Yesterday, a new online sustainability initiative was launched to help visualize new technologies and more sustainable practices. Sustainia, an online virtual world, is being spearheaded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Europe’s climate chief Connie Hedegaard. The visual presentation aim to help the public visualize what a more environmentally friendly world will look like as a precursor to the upcoming Rio+20 sustainability conference in June.

The online virtual world is being built by developers to provide a realistic vision of what the world could look like in 2020, with science-backed initiatives to improve efficiency and drive down environmental impacts. The site sets out to change the tone of communication about sustainability, presenting the positive and real improvements in people’s lives rather than a future of sacrifices and constraints.

The current site includes details on the initiative and its partners, with the online virtual world set to launch in June of this year. Below is a short trailer that describes the initiative and provides some visuals on what the virtual world will look like.

Virtual Sustainia from Sustainia on Vimeo.

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