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This past week in London, scientists from a broad range of disciplines convened at the Planet Under Pressure Conference. Global environmental change was the topic of the event, with new integration of behavioral and social science into a research initiative dubbed Future Earth. The Future Earth initiative acknowledges the human domination of Earth systems or […]


Google Promotes Terrapixels for Everyone

by Matt Ball on March 21, 2012

David Thau, senior developer advocate for Google Earth Engine, gave the keynote speech at this morning’s ASPRS Annual Meeting. The talk began with a discussion of Stewart Brand’s campaign to see a picture of the whole earth from space, which has been said to have kicked off earth day, the ecology movement, global politics, and […]


Landsat Thermal Sensor Will Aid Water Management

by Matt Ball on February 7, 2012

The Landsat Data Continuity Mission‘s (LDCM) thermal infrared sensor (TIRS) has been completed and shipped to Orbital Sciences for integration into the rest of the satellite. This TIRS sensor will measure and monitor water evaporation and transpiration over Earth’s land surface by measuring radiation emitted in two thermal bands. The sensor resolution is 100 meters, […]


Environmentalist Ma Jun of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, giving a speech recently in the Mary Robinson Speaker Series, discusses the data-driven advocacy he pioneered to hold China’s government and businesses accountable for air and water pollution. In this presentation Jun outlines water pollution, increased coal burning, and the inevitable health impacts that […]


The Eye on Earth Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi this week provided a forum for discussion of the importance of environmental information, and the need for better policy decisions. The event, sponsored by UAE president  Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was pulled together to offer concrete recommendations for the next Earth Summit, […]

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Statoil is developing a real-time integrated environmental monitoring system to determine and reduce environmental risks from oil and gas operations through a consortium of technology providers. The 150 MNOK (approx $25 million) three-year project will include sensor and communications technology from Kongsberg, information integration and business analytics technology from IBM, and marine environmental analytics and […]


Goes 15 Ends Storage Mode

by Matt Ball on December 7, 2011

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 15 satellite, launched in March 2010, today replaced the 11-year-old GOES 11, which was retired. The most remarkable aspect of this news is that there has been such a coordinated replacement scheme where the satellite has been in orbit and at the ready for more than a year. In […]


The European Environment Agency (EEA), Esri and Microsoft launched the Eye on Earth cloud-based environmental data sharing network this week at the COP 17 meetings in Durban. The network will facilitate the sharing and discover of environmental data, both public and data provided by citizens. The network will both be a repository for this information […]


EPA Announces Apps for Environment Winners

by Matt Ball on November 1, 2011

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Apps for the Environment Challenge has announced winners. More than 100 ideas and 38 apps were created since its June start date, and more than 2,000 votes were cast. Winner, Best Overall App – Light Bulb Finder by Adam Borut and Andrea Nylund of Eco Hatchery Runner Up, Best Overall […]


The UN Environment Programme Report, “Keeping Track of Our Changing Environment,” was released today, with details of the environmental changes that have taken place on our planet over the past 20 years. The report coincides with the planet reaching the 7 billion population mark this year, and is aimed to mark twenty years since the […]