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Ingrid Vanden Berghen, administrator general, National Geographic, Institute of Belgium and President Eurogeographics, Belgium presided over a session on capacity building and the expansion of the global geospatial marketplace to a billion plus people. Leading off this session was an address by Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri. The fact that our world is […]


Bernie Szukalski, product strategist and technical evangelist at Esri, spoke today at the GeoDesign Summit about ArcGIS Online initiatives and coming capabilities. Web mapping has morphed from sharing maps and geospatial information to a geospatial content management system that supports collaboration. The new iteration allows for the publication and sharing with others, as well as […]

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Jack Dangermond kicked off the 2012 GeoDesign Summit, by giving credit to his old professor Carl Steinitz who contributed the seed to the GeoDesign concept and process. Dangermond said that the concept of GeoDesign has real steam, that is spreading and growing in academic circles as well as in practice in many disciplines. Dangermond marveled […]


Today, National Geographic and Esri reveal a new multi-scale general reference map of the world for use by the public and for education purposes. The map uses the familiar cartographic styling that National Geographic developed over more than 100 years of map making, and offers multiple scales of viewing from global all the way down […]


Esri has created a time-searchable map that shows emissions of CO2 between 1960 and 2007 with data from the World Bank. This is the latest in a series of map stories that explore timely topics and convey the power of GIS as a communication medium. The animation and time slider tells a story of growing […]


IBM Links Esri Into Smarter Planet Message

by Matt Ball on August 11, 2011

Clearly, GIS has a large role to play in achieving more efficient cities, supporting better decisions, and creating a smarter planet. IBM has been promoting their Smarter Planet campaign for years now, and I’ve been wondering for some time how IBM’s message might bring in their partnership with Esri into this message. Today, a YouTube […]


Street Data Vendors Take Different Tacks

by Matt Ball on July 14, 2011

The Esri International User Conference provides an ideal opportunity to see the best foot forward of most geospatial companies, taking away nuances in how products and services are marketed in order to differentiate offerings and expand business. The street data providers NAVTEQ and TomTom (formerly TeleAtlas) were among the most interesting for their divergent paths […]


A Dynamic View Into Our Surveillant Society

by Matt Ball on July 13, 2011

Feeling Software is demonstrating a dynamic geospatial visualization platform called Omnipresence 3D at the Esri International User Conference. The dynamic viewer integrates video camera views, vehicle locations, GPS bracelets, police and fie locations, sensors, integrated systems, and GIS and other data into a 3D living map. The dynamic map even displays interior details, and can […]


National GIS or SDI?

by Matt Ball on July 12, 2011

In the executive session on Spatial Data Infrastructure at the Esri International User Conference there rose a discussion of what SDI means in reaction to Jack Dangermond’s comment that he’d love to move beyond discussion of SDI and rather call it National GIS. A spatial data infrastructure is a bit different than a National GIS […]


The ITT Visual Information Solutions press breakfast took place this morning in San Diego to outline the Esri partnership that goes back four years to a conversation with Jack Dangermond about the future of imagery with its greater alignment with solutions. The meeting led directly to the integration of ITT’s ENVI technology directly in ArcGIS […]