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Today, TomTom announced the addition of vehicle maintenance planning for their WEBFLEET online fleet operation tools. This combination of vehicle planning and mapping introduces some exciting possibilities for mapping and sensing, because today’s vehicles are our most highly sensored machines. TomTom’s offering helps businesses to keep an eye on maintenance in order to improve efficiency […]


Building efficiency is gaining a lot of attention, highlighted by the announcement just yesterday that IBM plans to purchase the facility management software company Tririga. The software will become part of a larger suite of offerings aimed at energy efficiency and optimized space usage. The focus on the bott0m-line benefits is justified by the fact […]


Lakehead University students Bradley Doff and Peter Stevens have produced an entertaining video about using GIS to create green infrastructure with a variety of benefits. This is one of 132 entries in the TD Go Green Challenge, a Canada-wide effort to show how students would tackle their campus’s biggest sustainability challenges. In the video the […]


India Commits $10Billion for Green India Mission

by Matt Ball on February 24, 2011

Today the Indian government approved an investment of $10.14 billion (460 billion rupees) for the National Mission for a Green India (NMGI). The plan will expand forests by five million hectares, while also remediating and improving forest quality on another five million hectares. The plan is part of a larger National Action Plan on Climate […]


Philadelphia is moving forward with a 20-year, $1.6 billion stormwater control plan that incorporates many green aspects. Included are plans to convert impervious surfaces into absorptive spaces that use soil and vegetation to collect and filter runoff, including green roofs, water gardens, and the restoration of streams flowing through the city their natural ecology. The […]


GreenRide Goes Global

by Matt Ball on September 13, 2010

Ecology and Environment, Inc. has launched their GreenRide suite of mobility management solutions to a global audience. The web-based tools help identify coordinate and encourage greener personal transportation options such as carpools, vanpools, bicycling, park-and-ride facilities and public transit. Individuals and organizations can follow the dynamic tracking of their environmental, energy and economic savings and […]


Sony Launches an Open Planet Initiative

by Matt Ball on September 10, 2010

Today Sony has launched an Open Planet Ideas initiative to encourage ideas about how technology can address environmental challenges. A timeline from ideas to realization makes this campaign interesting and promising. The project is in the “inspiration” stage right now, gathering ideas on practical applications of technology to address real-world problems. The project then goes […]


The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) has selected pilot projects to test a national rating system for sustainable landscape design, construction and maintenance. more than 150 sites have been selected, including educational centers, transportation corridors, industrial complexes and private residences. Each will employ the guidelines and performance benchmarks outlined in the SITES Rating System. SITES represents […]


Users of Ford’s MyFord Touch dashboard navigation in the 2011 Ford Edge will have an “Eco-Route” option. The green routing factors in real-time traffic data from Sirius, as well as data in order to give the smoothest and most consistent speed. Read more about this sophisticated navigation and routing system in the New York Times […]


Las Vegas as Green Capital?

by Matt Ball on August 19, 2009

The mayor of Las Vegas aims to make the city the Green Capital of the World, and he’s starting with a non-profit organization called Green Chips that urges environmental sustainability. The large CityCenter project has worked to recycle 90 percent of construction waste, and that mindset is trickling toward other projects. Later this month the […]