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This content first appeared in Informed Infrastructure. Hexagon AB today announced the acquisition of myVR, provider of software for photorealistic 2D, 3D, and 360-degree visualization of interactive maps over low-bandwidth connections. The Norwegian company compresses large 3D models for viewing on many platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. The 3D city model viewing and 3D […]


UK-based Measurement Devices Ltd. (MDL) has developed a tiny eye-safe micro laser for the mobile phone market that could revolutionize field data collection. The Micro Laser Module can make hundreds of measurement a second for objects within a 120-meter radius. Now that the hardware has been developed it is being marketed to original equipment manufacturers […]


Mexico City Issues Earthquake Alert App

by Matt Ball on April 4, 2012

Mexico City has made available an earthquake application that sends alerts direct to phones as soon as a tremor happens. Aplicación Alerta Sismica del DF is tied to remote monitoring stations that detect and send signals up to a minute before the tremors reach the capital. The capital is plagued by earthquakes, with one or […]


Google’s Open Source Field Data Collection Kit

by Matt Ball on March 26, 2012

Google is working with the University of Washington on an open source field data collection tool called the Open Data Kit that enables easy data collection. The system is based on Google’s Android system, with support in many languages. It supports GPS data collection, the integration of images from a phone camera sensor, the capture […]


Google Goggles will Spur Geospatial Development

by Matt Ball on February 22, 2012

There’s long been a rumor that Google has been hard at work on eye glasses that will stream information to the user. With a story in the New York Times today, that rumor has been verified, with details that the product will be released by the end of this year at a price point between […]


CO2GO App Tracks Personal Carbon Usage

by Matt Ball on February 13, 2012

CO2GO, the latest application from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, automatically detects whether its owner is traveling by rail, car or bus and calculates the emissions. They say the technology will also turn citizens into walking sensors, collecting detailed information about how people use cities. Today, more than a third of global CO2 emissions are generated […]


You’ve surely heard of the Lytro camera that let’s users focus the camera after taking the picture. While this new light field camera has the potential to radically change the way we take pictures, news today that the on-board sensor array also includes wireless and bluetooth capabilities means that it could also alter how we […]


Augmented Reality Alters People’s Perceptions

by Matt Ball on February 6, 2012

The BBC have done a nice job of summarizing the possibilities, and future potential, for augmented reality in this video. The piece highlights the 110 Stories application that places a silhouetted image of the Twin Towers at the right height, in the right orientation into your smart phone, allowing you to take and share a […]


UpNext Debuts Fluid 3D Maps

by Matt Ball on January 20, 2012

UpNext debuts interactive and fluid 3D maps, available on iPad and Android. There are enhanced 3D models of 23 cities in the United States with 50 world cities that show points of interest and Foursquare checkins, with the idea that you’ll be able to see the activities that are “up next” in your area. View […]


GeoViewer for iPad Extends Imagery Portability

by Matt Ball on January 18, 2012

LizardTech has just launched a free GeoViewer application for the iPad that extends the display of their MrSID image format as well as the JPEG 2000 format. The lightweight application features measurement functionality and geolocation support as well as band selection of multispectral imagery and different geographic coordinates. Users can view both raster and vector […]