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The UK Centre for Sustainable Energy, part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has developed a heat map that maps heat use at the building level. The aim of the effort is to determine which areas are best suited to district heating where groups of buildings share the same boiler and drive down […]


TED Prize for City 2.0 Comes with New Platform

by Matt Ball on February 29, 2012

Today, the annual TED Prize was awarded to the idea of City 2.0, the city of the future. The effort focuses on rethinking our urban areas so that 10 billion people might live on our planet  both sustainably and healthily. The rethink is a massive undertaking that requires a whole new way of design, input […]


The city of Minneapolis is now at work redrawing ward and park boundaries in response to U.S. Census changes. Residents are being encouraged to participate in the process through public meetings and they’re even encouraged to draw their own map via an interactive website. provides the means for citizens to draw their own boundaries.  […]


Will McLintock marine scientist at the University of Santa Barbara spoke today at the GeoDesign Summit about marine conservation. The traditional approach for conservation is specialized scientists applying research and knowledge and telling government who draw policy, but stakeholders aren’t included and the approach leads to greater conflict. McClintock discussed the process of the creation […]


Interactive Map Aimed at Holiday Planning

by Matt Ball on December 23, 2011

Thomson Holidays, a UK-based travel agency, has developed an interactive map-based weather site that is aimed at helping travelers pick their holiday destination. Users simply enter in their planned month of travel, and their desired temperature and sunlight, and the application delivers places within Europe that fit the criteria. The application covers the climate of […]


Autodesk held a press event today in San Francisco dubbed, “the Sustainable Cities Roundtable,” to highlight their design products for sustainable cities. With rapid urbanization and rapid population increases, Autodesk is responding to the need for massive infrastructure investment, and a need to improve our transportation, water, electric and gas distribution, and energy efficiency. According […]

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The Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Pierre Arcand, announced plans to conserve 600,000 square kilometers of Northern Quebec yesterday when discussing the conservation side of the Plan Nord project plan. Plan Nord was originally announced in May, with an economic development focus that will see the government investing $80 billion over 25 […]


Dairy Closes the Loop to Fuel Milk Deliveries

by Matt Ball on July 25, 2011

Fair Oaks Dairy, an Indiana-based milk producer, has switched their milk hauling fleet of 42 trucks to compressed natural gas and is working on producing their own biomethane form dairy cattle waste. The truck fleet transports 53 loads of milk per day, with the shift in fuel projected to reduce emissions equivalent to 1.5 million […]


Personal UAV Gains an Audience

by Matt Ball on July 13, 2011

The small-scale aerial mapping platform provided by Gatewing drew quite an audience at the Esri International User Conference. The suitcase-sized aerial mapping platform is an ideal data collection tool for small areas of interest of roughly a kilometer squared, and seems ideally suited for project-based work such as infrastructure planning and development. The low-cost (roughly […]


The Association of Brazilian Geographers are among the vocal opponents of the eviction of the 732 residents of Vila Chocolatão, a shantytown in the center of Porto Alegre. The forced eviction was planned in order to make way for a building for the Federal Public Ministry, but it has been suspended due to the outcry. […]