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Neogeographers for Environmental Monitoring

by Matt Ball on April 26, 2012

There was a presentation today at the Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam by Eduardo Dias, with the SPIN spatial information laboratory also with Geodan, developers of tools to support crisis assessment, reconstruction and recovery. The company developed tools for Deforest Action, to incorporate satellite imagery, citizen sensors, collective intelligence and distributed computing to help keep track […]


Mexico City Issues Earthquake Alert App

by Matt Ball on April 4, 2012

Mexico City has made available an earthquake application that sends alerts direct to phones as soon as a tremor happens. Aplicación Alerta Sismica del DF is tied to remote monitoring stations that detect and send signals up to a minute before the tremors reach the capital. The capital is plagued by earthquakes, with one or […]


Eco Counters Track Park Patrons

by Matt Ball on April 2, 2012

The French company ECO Counter has created and deployed sensor networks to count pedestrians and cyclists in urban and natural environments. The system is made up of three parts that include a sensor to detect pedestrians or cyclists, a data logger that saves detection data, and software to analyze and share the data. The system […]


Brushfires are a costly and dangerous natural disaster across Australia, and researchers at Edith Cowan University have developed low-cost sensors to help alert the authorities and the public. The $100 sensors cover a range of 2km, and detect temperature, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to sense smoke. They then send alerts either via the Internet or […]


The China Earthquake Administration has just launched a new earth observation system to monitor the Earth’s crust. The GNSS-based system has a network of 260 full-time observing stations, and 2,000 part-time stations that closely monitor their positions and communicate those throughout the network. The project began in Dec. 2007, with a total cost of 524 […]


New Wireless Sensor Node Extends to Smartphones

by Matt Ball on February 26, 2012

There’s a new Wifi sensor node from Libelium  can collect data from distributed wirelessly connected sensors and send that data to any web server on the cloud or any smartphone. This capability extends the possibilities of the Internet of Things as it adds easy extension of sensors networks using standard protocols such as HTTP. There […]


Nike Leads the Sensored Future

by Matt Ball on February 22, 2012

Today, Nike launched the Hyperdunk, a basketball shoe with sensors in four key pressure points on each foot to measure activity on the court. The sensor uses accelerometer technology to measure movement and gravity to determine jumping, jump height, and quickness. Connection to smart phones provides the ability to share statistics and details of your […]


Archipelago Marine Research have developed a new sensor-based approach to monitor fishing activity. The company is working alongside the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), and have outfitted a Spanish tuna fishing vessel. The video-based electronic monitoring system uses an array of sensors to monitor key fishing gear, and trigger the video cameras when it detects […]


SmartBin, an Ireland-based sensor system that monitors the fill levels of recycling containers, and Trimble, a Calif.-based positioning technology company, have teamed to combine sensors and location for more efficient solutions for the environmental services and recycling markets. The bin sensors will be coupled with positioning technology, fleet management, asset management and other logistics and […]

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Instead of the traditional precision agriculture method of making zone maps for the application of fertilizer, the technology is moving to in-field sensing where the health of the crop is being assessed  just ahead of the tractor and the on-board computer varies the rate in real time. The in-field sensor uses two light beams of […]