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This content first appeared in Informed Infrastructure. Hexagon AB today announced the acquisition of myVR, provider of software for photorealistic 2D, 3D, and 360-degree visualization of interactive maps over low-bandwidth connections. The Norwegian company compresses large 3D models for viewing on many platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. The 3D city model viewing and 3D […]


App Helps Visualize Climate Change Impacts

by Matt Ball on April 19, 2012

Red Hill Studios has developed an iPad application called Painting with Time: Climate Change that lets you explore how the world is changing. Dragging your finger across the screen peels back the layers of time to reveal how our world is changing. Gary Braasch, creator and photographer of the World View of Global Warming , […]


A little more than three years ago, I penned a column about geospatial technology frontiers. While acknowledging the expansion of GIS technology across more and more disciplines, the column aimed to summarize some of the main areas of research and development, where the vision has been clear for some time, but where technology limitations have […]


A dynamic real-time wind map for the continental United States provides interesting insight into local weather by modeling data from the National Digital Forecast Database. The near-term forecasts are updated once per hour, and the site reflects trends in a mesmerizing way. The site was created as a personal art project by data visualization experts […]


NASA Updates Eyes on Earth Visualization Site

by Matt Ball on March 23, 2012

Eyes on Earth is an interactive visualization site for images and data from NASA’s 15 currently operating earth satellites. There are a number of new features, with timelines, an image gallery, an improved interface, and up-to-date data for sea level height and surface temperature. The aim is a daily view view of our dynamic planet […]


Yesterday, a new online sustainability initiative was launched to help visualize new technologies and more sustainable practices. Sustainia, an online virtual world, is being spearheaded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Europe’s climate chief Connie Hedegaard. The visual presentation aim to help the public visualize what a more environmentally friendly world will look like as a precursor […]


UBC’s Decision Theatre Visualizes Climate Change

by Matt Ball on February 15, 2012

The Decision Theatre at the University of British Columbia’s Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) pulls together information to package potential futures. The theater displays computer-generated visualizations that are grounded in scientific data, to help communities and policymakers understand the local impacts of climate change and visualize the results of different strategies. According to professor […]


Can we expect point cloud models as an endpoint?

by Matt Ball on December 16, 2011

The workflows of capturing and extracting digital reality from point clouds has taken some leaps forward recently, given advancements in both computer hardware and software. The increased speed at which these large volumes of data are processed, and the automation of feature extraction, greatly improve the utility of the data. While, the workflow aims at […]


The large-scale and interactive 3D Google Earth display of Paris’ planning, is an impressive means of communicating details about areas that are under development through 2020. The 37 square meter display at the Paris Center for Architecture and Urbanism replaces a physical model with an evolving and interactive aerial and 3D model view of the […]


The Pacific Rim Coordination Center is a web mapping site that was just launched at the APEC Leaders Meeting, with development by Development Seed with support from USAID and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The site brings  projects, risk and vulnerability together in a map interface to help prioritize and provide context for decision makers. […]

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