U.S. GEO Commitments Outlined

by Matt Ball on November 16, 2010

More details have come from the Group on Earth Observations meeting that took place in Beijing earlier this month. The Department of Interior outlines two new U.S.-led initiatives to improve our collective understanding of the planet.

SilvaCarbon, aims to strengthen global capacity to understand, monitor, and manage forest and terrestrial carbon. This program, in collaboration with experts from GEO governments such as Australia and Norway, will work with local partners at sites around the world to illustrate how to build monitoring systems for forest and terrestrial carbon so that they can meet existing and emerging international standards, and then compare science methodologies and best practices among those sites.

Global Landcover Data Initiative is the second U.S. project, aiming to develop the first-ever comprehensive and up-to-date database of 30-meter satellite imagery that will show changes in land cover and land uses worldwide. More than 80 percent of the imagery for this effort will be obtained from Landsat. The U.S. has asked international partners at the GEO summit to assist with developing the remaining information for a comprehensive global land-cover database.

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