UBC’s Decision Theatre Visualizes Climate Change

by Matt Ball on February 15, 2012

The Decision Theatre at the University of British Columbia’s Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) pulls together information to package potential futures. The theater displays computer-generated visualizations that are grounded in scientific data, to help communities and policymakers understand the local impacts of climate change and visualize the results of different strategies.

According to professor Stephen Sheppard, “The visualizations really stay in people’s minds, and people can remember them from years ago. They help to shift how people think about climate change, and maybe a little bit on how they vote on policy or change their behavior.”

The Decision Theatre will be showcased at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada this week, where more than 8,000 participants will convene. Professor Stephen Sheppard is a speaker at the AAAS Symposium: Beyond Climate Models: Rethinking How To Envision the Future with Climate Change and Prof. David Flanders is a speaker at the AAAS Symposium: Flood Adaptation Near Vancouver: A Regional Adaptation Collaborative.

View the short video below on Visualizing Climate Change for a walk-through of the Decision Theatre’s focus and capability.

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