Understanding Cities in a Profound and Predictive Fashion

by Matt Ball on February 21, 2012

Ericsson, with their research focus on networked society, are the sponsor of a new documentary on Thinking Cities that looks at the role that cities play. The 15-minute video outlines the necessary approach to address the problems that we face.

A cameo is given to Carlos Ratti of MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab, where he compares the investment in ICT to understand a city’s inner workings with that of the importance of a telemetry system in Formula 1 racing, where a good deal of the budget goes into collecting and processing data about the car to make better decisions.

Geoffrey West, distinguished professor at the Santa Fe Institute, speaks to the benefits of urbanization. He and his colleagues have been focused on the science of cities, where most of the world’s problems (whether finance, disease, pollution and environment) have their origins in cities, they are also the place where the solutions will be generated. West says it’s every more imperative that we understand cities in a profound and predictive fashion.

Nigel Jacobs, co-chair of the Office of New Urban Mechanics at the City of Boston, speaks to participatory government and the CitizenConnect mobile phone application that has been developed to better engage for new solutions.

View the video below for more insight into the benefits of sensored cities with underpinnings of integrated systems and ubiquitous connectivity that represents a new cultural paradigm.

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