Urban Transects to Capture London

by Matt Ball on March 9, 2012

A coordinated effort is underway this weekend to walk and record as many transects of London from the outskirts to the city center. The project of urban story walks is an effort of Urban Earth, and many such walks have been completed around the globe from Mexico City to Mumbai. The effort hopes to draw 24 groups that will film, record, narrate and tweet their experience to share at the end of the night in local pub, Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street.

The site includes resources for groups to plan their route, and decide what they might focus on to capture and record. It sounds like a great social meetup plan that goes beyond simply mapping to mapping and sharing experiences. The local walk also serves the purpose of capturing a moment in time in urban life in a unique and interactive way. I’m hoping for a map-based interface so that I might use this data for my personal future explorations of the city, and the other cities that Urban Earth has already captured.

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