WorldView-1 Satellite Launches Successfully

by Matt Ball on September 18, 2007

Digital Globe successfully launched the WorldView-1 satellite on Tuesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. WorldView-1 is the first of two next-generation satellites that Digital Globe plans to launch. The launch was webcast live and a video can be viewed here.

WorldView-1 satellite on the launch pad.The WorldView-1 will capture panchromatic imagery at a half-meter resolution. The satellite will operate at an altitude of 496 kilometers, WorldView-1 will have an average revisit time of 1.7 days and will be capable of collecting up to 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) per day of half-meter imagery. The satellite will also be equipped with geo-location accuracy capabilities and will collect in-track stereo imagery.

This new platform has the capability to create accurate and detailed maps of remote areas, which makes this sensor a good companion for missions involving global change and environmental stewardship. As the impacts on our planet become more apparent, the frequency, accuracy and resolution of this sensor will provide valuable input for scientists and policy makers that are hard at work to mitigate the impact of global change on people and society.

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